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Promote your healthy lifestyle with a tasty beverage from date seeds

Daffee is a tasty beverage from upcycling the date seeds to promote your healthy lifestyle. Daffee is a coffee-like, a 100% caffeine-free, a natural energy booster, full of ions and antioxidants, protein, a general tonic for the body. 

What is Daffee ?

Daffee process

Why Daffee ? 

New Product

A novel beverage concept with a secret recipe


Raw materials and ingredients that are 100% natural


Many rich nutritional values including proteins, minerals, and iron

Our Story

We fell in love online, dated for 3 years online, got engaged online and married despite never having seen each other physically! Then guess where our first date?

FirstDate Daffee

Made in The Netherlands

KvK: 77713915

VAT: NL003226685b5