Ground date seeds are known for  enhancing calmness throughout the day and night, as well as increasing the body's natural energy level.


Daffee with cardamom will take you  on a journey to the tropical and subtropical Asian countries. Cardamom  gives a smell and special taste that allows  the mind to mix the feeling of love  with the present moment; whether that be at work, lectures or at home.


Our unique blend is composed of the date seeds of the historical palm tree.  These exceptional seeds are roasted to perfection and are coarsely ground to provide optimal extraction and aroma.


Our unique packaging preserves the flavor and complexity of the Daffee blend while enhancing the aroma and ensuring optimal freshness and consistency.

Organic Daffee - Natural Cardamom

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  • How you can make Daffee?

    Filter machines

    Add 1 tablespoon / 15g  of the powder for every 240 ml of water you plan to brew in the filter basket. After a while, you will taste a beverage you have never had tasted before.

    French press

    Easy to prepare, delightful to taste. Just in 4 minutes make a premium cup of Daffee.  Simply add  1 tablespoon of ground date seeds, with 240 ml hot water and press. The French press, method of choice for many all over the world, creating an earthy, rich taste in the cup.


    Fill the reusable capsule with ground Daffee, close the capsule with love, press start  on your machine. Not only will you experience a new taste but you will help save the planet by doing so.