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About Daffee

Daffee is a new product, a coffee-like drink with a special taste. Daffee is made from organic dates seeds, which we roast for you and which give the drink a strong taste. So 100% plant-based. Daffee fits in with a healthy lifestyle;

The date seeds are real “superfoods”, full of ions, antioxidants, and proteins. With Daffee you boost your health!

Daffee is 100% caffeine-free so you can continue to enjoy it.


You can prepare Daffee with all different coffee machines (espresso, mocha, filter, French Press, etc).


Drink your Daffee neat or with your favorite (plant-based) milk. 

Fact: date seeds are normally a residual product, we upcycle these seeds and give them a beautiful end. We collect the date seeds from organic date farms. This also makes Daffee a sustainable, circular product.

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