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Develop a New Morning Ritual with Daffee

The New Coffee Alternative Drink

Yes, our morning rituals are sacred, whether you drink coffee or tea, it sets the mood for the entire day. The ceremony begins with the smell emanating from the kitchen, choosing your favorite cup, adding the essential ingredients, and finally savoring the taste. Many people cannot enjoy a good cup of coffee due to the side effects of caffeine, health reasons, or dietary restrictions. However, they would like to experience the coffee ritual that is beloved by many cultures not just in the morning but throughout the day. Especially, when they want to drink a healthy beverage that either enhances calmness or serves as a natural energy booster.

Try Daffee! It’s an organic all-natural caffeine-free coffee-like drink made from grounded roasted date seeds, contains more than 15 types of protein, and is full of ions and antioxidants. Daffee provides several health benefits, reduces waste by upcycling the seeds of the dates, and comes in sustainable packaging! The environmentally friendly packaging preserves the flavor and complexity of the Daffee blend while enhancing the aroma, ensuring optimal freshness and consistency.

The Many Ways to Prepare Daffee

Daffee is offered in three delicious flavors, Pure, Cardamom, and Orange Peel, which gives you a nice variety of options for this natural energy drink. You can become a barista by sampling the numerous ways in which you can prepare Daffee. The secret to our recipe lies in the love and passion from us preparing every single package and thus becomes a real taste experience for you to enjoy.

You can try numerous Daffee brewing methods with this grounded date seed product, the same as you would for roasted coffee grounds: using a drip maker (Chemex), filter machine, coffee machine, french press, and espresso maker. To prepare Daffee directly on the stove you can use a Moka Pot or Turkish Pot.

The instructions of the grounded date seeds quantity to water ratio are noted on each package and just like any other hot/cold beverage process, you can tailor the ratio to suit your taste. It’s important to make sure you get the ratios correct for the best results. A study conducted by the Asian Research Consortium found a 9% date seed powder ratio when combined with water, milk, and sweetener tested almost identically to their control ‘coffee’.

To begin your Daffee experience, order the Sample Package so you can experiment with the three flavors - Pure, Cardamon, and Orange Peel. All the flavors can be enjoyed as a hot or cold drink with your preferred sweetener, milk, or dairy-free milk substitute. Pure can be your new cappuccino or iced drink during the summer months. Cardamon has a smell and a special blend that’s a mix of tropical and subtropical flavors from Asian countries. Orange Peel has a unique and exciting taste resulting from a combination of coffee mixed with a hint of tropical juices. These flavors can become your new iced coffee alternative drinks, rich in minerals, ions, vitamins A, B, and C, phenolics, and antioxidants.

From your early morning wake-up call and throughout your day, Daffee is THE caffeine-free healthy drink alternative to try this year! Drink and eat outside the box and order your flavor or sample package from the Daffee store.

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