The love story behind Daffee.

We are Rahaf and Tamim, we are originally from Syria. We met through a Facebook group for Syrian job seekers when Rahaf was still in Syria and Tamim in Turkey.Tamim posted some tips in the Facebook group about improving resumes and conducting job interviews. Rahaf saw these tips and asked him if he could help her find a job.


When Tamim saw her resume, he fell in love instantly!


We started talking and so the spark flew from both sides.
Many online conversations and video calls followed and Tamim proposed to Rahaf. She said yes, and that's how we got engaged, without ever seeing each other in real life.

But the question was, with all the challenges like a war and visa problems, how could we hopefully meet in real life as soon as possible?

It all started online…


The photo in the engagement party, 2016 online

Bumps on the road

We got engaged in 2016 and celebrated the engagement over Skype. Because of visa problems we couldn't be together, Tamim couldn't go back to Syria for his own engagement party and Rahaf couldn't travel to Turkey. We both wore our engagement rings, but we couldn't be together.

There were also many challenges later on. We wanted nothing more than to be together and to build a future together. Tamim was still in Turkey. After 1 Turkish visa rejection, Rahaf decided to apply for a scholarship and go to Spain to complete her Master's degree there. Two and a half years later we still hadn't seen each other in real life, Rahaf gets 4 Turkish visa rejections, this just felt unfair. It seemed like it was impossible, given the circumstances, that we would ever really be together…

Love has no boundaries

But we didn't give up. In order to be able to be together one day and build a future together, Rahaf decided to go to the Netherlands and apply for asylum here. She completed her Master Thesis from the refugee camp, sad that she could not share and celebrate this big step with Tamim.

Tamim couldn't wait any longer and used all his savings to finally meet Rahaf in person. He found someone who could eventually smuggle him to the Netherlands via Greece and Belgium. At the gate of the asylum seekers' center we met for the first time. In this way, after 3 years of only online contact, we were able to really hug each other in March 2019. Finally!

A lot has happened since then and we, as a loving couple, are working together on our own company FirstDate. We have big plans! Around us we have a group of people who support us to make our dreams come true.


The photo in the gate of the refugee camp in Ter Apel, 2019