Rahaf met Tamim via a facebook group for Syrian job seekers, where Tamim posted some CV/interview improvement tips. 


Rahaf was in Syria, Tamim was in Turkey. Rahaf messaged him for help in order to try and get a job at his workplace. Upon seeing Rahaf’s CV, Tamim immediately fell in love! He decided to propose to her, and after a short while, Rahaf said yes. 


But the question now was... 

How would this cute couple see each other with so many challenges, such as war and visa difficulties?

Online Relationship

The photo in the engagement party, 2016 online

Facing the challenges

The engagement party was done over Skype in 2016,. Tamim couldn't come back to Syria for his celebration and Rahaf couldn't travel to Turkey because of visa issues,. They wore the rings by themselves.


The couple has fought a lot to find a peaceful place that would welcome them to live and build a good future,. Rahaf eventually,

After 4 turkish visa rejections, decided to study a master’s in Spain on a scholarship basis. After 2 and half long years of trying to unite, the couple  decided to end their 

But this was just unfair, they had no chance to meet in this world.

love doesn't know boundaries

In order to build a long-term future together with Tamim, Rahaf decided to cross to the Netherlands to ask for asylum. She finished up her master’s thesis alone in a refugee camp and felt desolate about not being able to share this victory with anyone dear to her.


Eventually, Tamim spent all of his savings to be trafficked to the Netherlands through Greece and Belgium,. At the end of March 2019, the couple were able to hold each other close for the first time in the refugee camp's gate … it has been over three years of online relationship

Now here we are; a passionate couple with their own company and a handful of support from people that are helping them achieve their dreams.

The photo in the gate of the refugee camp in Ter Apel, 2019