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Daffee is an innovative caffeine-free coffee alternative drink from organic date seeds

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What is Daffee?

The organic date seed is extracted, roasted and then grounded for a healthy coffee alternative drink

Daffee is a tasty coffee-like drink made from upcycled date seeds with sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Daffee contributes to your healthy lifestyle because it’s organic, 100% caffeine-free, a natural energy booster, full of ions, antioxidants, and protein.

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Why Daffee? 

Daffee is a new coffee alternative that is caffeine-free.

New Product

A new coffee alternative with a secret recipe
Daffee is 100% organic.


All ingredients are 100% organic
Daffee is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and iron.


Rich in nutritional value including proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and iron

Our Story

We are Tamim and Rahaf, founders of Daffee. Daffee is our “baby”, our product that we have been working on since 2019. Our relationship had a special start. We met and got to know each other online, seeing each other only on video calls. Then we became engaged, also online, and it took 3 years before we could meet in person for the first time, eventually getting married. Guess where we first hugged each other?


Lydia - Netherlands

I ordered this Daffee for my dad (as a gift) and myself. I already tried it and I'm surprised how diverse it is. I can drink it pure, with a bit of cardamon, with (all sorts of) milk, mix with my regular coffee. Also they answered my questions about how to prepare it within minutes . Love it!

Suzie - France

Absolutely love it ❤️ I recommend it to tea lovers or coffee lovers the taste is great and healthy at the same time. Who needs more then this 😍

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